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Vila Nova de Milfontes is a charming and picturesque old fishing town on the Alentejo coast, popular with locals, travellers and holidaymakers alike, and retains much of Portugal’s traditional culture. It has a daily market with farmers selling locally grown produce, freshly caught fish direct from harbour, a number of excellent restaurants and shops, and all the services you would expect in a thriving communal centre.

Milfontes is located at the point where the sheltered waters of the Rio Mira estuary meet the wild Atlantic Ocean. Beyond the river mouth and across the dunes are ideal surfing spots, with any number of pristine and deserted beaches heading both up and down the coast.

Despite its attractions, the area surrounding Milfontes remains quite untouched as it falls within the designated Nature Park, which stretches for about 150 km along the Atlantic coast of the Alentejo and Algarve regions. The landscape here is defined by high, rugged cliffs which some centuries ago were popular hiding spots for pirates, and boasts incredible geological variation – you can even find dinosaur prints in the rocks.


Main Surf Instructor

After many years experience as a surfer and  coach I founded Club Vagabond in 2019, to offer a more exclusive service to the surf scene in the place I love. I know Milfontes by heart. As a small child I used to spend all my time here with my grandpa. He showed me the Mira river and the ocean and told me many stories. I began to surf as a kid in 1993 at Malhão beach. I studied and lived in Lisbon and Berlin. I graduated in Philosophy from the University of Lisbon, and I wrote some books. I am a trainer level 2 certified by the Portuguese Surf Federation, and the President (2018-21; 2021-24) of the local surf association Associação Foz do Mira, which teaches surf to the local community and promotes protection of the local natural environment.

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Advanced Surf Instructor

I founded the first surf school in Milfontes in 2001 and for 18 years I taught and trained students and athletes. In 2018 I made a switch in my life in regards to the surf: I got a little house in Azores Islands where I spend part of the year surfing in uncrowded waves and fishing. I am a professional surf trainer level 2 certified by the Portuguese Surf Federation, certified in jet-ski rescuing, professional sailor and fisherman. Ivo worked before for my company for many years and now he challenged me to bring my experience to Club Vagabond.


Surf instructor

Local and experienced surfer, Pedro is a certified coach level 1 collaborating with Club Vagabond as a freelance trainer.


Surf monitor

Passionate surfer and yogi, Mayra is a precious element in our team. Very available and patient, the kids love her.


Surf Instructor

Lars collaborates regularly with Club Vagabond. Very experienced teacher, he was the Founder and Ceo of ‘Surfana Zandvoort’. He is also the Ceo of ‘Newww Website Agency’.

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